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Plessis Armouries

Supplies historically accurate armour crafted by hand using traditional techniques.

We pride ourselves on researching every piece we make. Using sources from museums and collections across the globe, we can produce accurate copies or use several sources to produce a generic style.

Our armour is crafted for the individual client. A comprehensive set of measurements are made to ensure an excellent fit. Measurements can also be supplied using our online measuring guide.

The steels we use are the closest modern equivalent to the original steel available to the medieval armourer. Hardened and tempered high carbon steel armour is also available.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have or, if you have an armour in mind, then let us give you a quote.

Thank you

Master Armourer

Plessis Armouries can in no way be held responsible for any injury,
however sustained, whilst handling or wearing any of its products.

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